Simulators are good for more than just learning new tracks and holding virtual events while we’re all under lockdown thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. They also let us drive cars that couldn’t possibly exist in real life. Like this insanely quick 1000-horsepower kart.

Pro streamer Jimmy Broadbent, who you may have seen participating in Formula 1’s recent virtual Grands Prix, published a video this week trying out one of the cheapest sim racing wheels on Amazon: the Tracer TRAJOY34008. Using the Automobilista Motorsports Simulator game, his test car of choice, chosen by his fans on twitter, is a tiny rocket ship of a go-kart that defies physics.

In the game, the kart somehow powered by a 1005-horsepower V-10 engine that can rev to 18,6000 rpm (despite the whole vehicle being roughly the size of a V-10 on its own). It weighs just 441 pounds, and comes with tires that actively stick to the ground. There’s also invisible downforce. Sounds like a fun time to us.

Despite the steering wheel’s price point, Broadbent actually finds it easier to control this monster of a kart because, unlike his other, more expensive wheel setup, there’s no force feedback. No muscle work is needed to quickly and accurately point the front wheels.

Of course, Broadbent still crashes a whole lot. There’s only so much a human can handle when it comes to speed and reaction times, even in video games. But it sure is fun to watch.

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