This is our review of the 2020 Praga Baby go kart!

This was Joseph’s first go kart ever. He absolutely loved it as you can see in the video.

In our experience for our boys (age 6 when they began), these junior karts were not enough power. Joseph drove this kart for just a couple of months before we moved him up to the Praga Monster Evo 3… and finally an Italkart.

Joseph initially picked this kart because he loved the color blue!

If you’re looking for a go kart for your 5, 6, 7 year old… we recommend you find a place where you can test drive a baby kart (or junior kart) versus a cadet kart. Depending on your child’s driving skill, they may move up pretty quickly. However, many youth can spend years driving the baby or junior karts before moving up.

Feel free to let us know your experiences with your Praga go karts!

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