Do you remember that show called “Pimp My Ride” on MTV? Hosted by rapper Xzibit, each episode would take some person’s crappy car and trick it out, doing the whole thing up in wild, over-the-top style.

In addition to covering interiors in fur and rhinestones, they’d always put something extra in the car that was personalized for the owner. If the owner was a DJ, for example, they’d put working turntables and speakers in the trunk. If the owner was into makeup, they’d put a pop-up lighted mirror somewhere in the car so they could apply on the fly.

Well, in these terrible times, it’s like this little go kart with a cooler was made just for us in our current crappy world.

One of the few times we leave our houses currently is to go to the grocery store and this thing could help us keep our precious frozen foods cold until we rode it all the way home.

And if you want to go do a socially distanced hangout in a friend’s backyard, this thing will help you tote your own beer to the party. (You can’t touch your host’s beer, after all, that wouldn’t be wise.)

And it could also work as a great place to hide a dismembered head when you’ve finally had enough of your stupid spouse crowding your space.

Yep, all Americans should be issued a go kart cooler ASAP. We need them. For the country.

But you know how painfully slow the bureaucratic system moves, so if you’re desperate for a go kart cooler now, spend part of your stimulus check on this $800 beauty listed on Facebook Marketplace in Beaufort, MO. The seller might even trade it to you for a couple of mini bikes. Sounds like a steal.


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