ROCKFORD (WREX) — For Stuart Corsa, his 1920 Briggs & Stratton Flyer is more than just a family heirloom, it’s a piece of history.

That piece of history starts with the crazy story of how it got into Corsa’s family in the first place.

Corsa’s father acquired the golf cart from his high school classmate in exchange for a pet goat.

90 years later, another chapter in the go kart’s long history was written.

A Rockford Police officer came out with a radar gun to see if the kart could match its historical speed of 27 miles per hour.

The gun didn’t capture the kart going that fast, Corsa says we can all take something away from seeing these living breathing pieces of history.

“Don’t forget about history,” Corsa said. “Learn where we came from, and it will help you where you’re going.”

Corsa work with Ye Olde Haggis Shoppe which does demonstrations at the Midway Village Museum.


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