What speed of slice would you like?

There are so many different flavors of awesome in the world. For example, riding a Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade is one kind. Flogging a go kart around is another, totally different kind of awesome that is necessarily different from riding a bike. You can make it just a little bit closer, however, if you do what the guy in this video did and stuff a Fireblade engine in your go kart. I mean, who wouldn’t find amusement in stuffing a 170-horsepower inline four-cylinder inside a kart? I know I’d be giggling my head off.

Controlling all that power is likely another matter. After watching this video, we know a couple of things: it sounds pretty fantastic, and it goes pretty quick. At the Race1000 event held at a drag strip in Neuhardenberg, Germany, this Super Kart (as YouTuber Automotive Mike calls it) pulled a time of 219.51 kilometers per hour on a quarter mile. That’s just under 136.4 miles per hour.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about any other modifications done to this kart in order to accommodate that massive power upgrade and make it manageable to control. We also haven’t seen how it fares when pitted against any other vehicles, only setting a fast time for itself. Even then, we don’t know how many runs it had before or after the one we’re seeing.

Still, even though we weren’t present for all the buildup and hard work that undoubtedly went into putting this project together, it’s cool to see the end result. Was it just someone who got incredibly bored in quarantine and decided to splice a couple of random things to see what would happen? Maybe, or maybe this project is the culmination of an effort that’s been years in the making. In any case, you’d be happy to drive it if given the chance, wouldn’t you?


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