How to drive like a pro

After a race, it’s perfectly normal to look back and think of those split seconds where you know you could’ve done better. The moments where races are won and lost, where pits become podiums.

Taking your karting to the next level is the best way to ensure that when the chequered flag comes down, you’re the one leading the pack – the one that’s too busy punching the air in celebration to worry about where it all went wrong.

Here you’ll find all the techniques, tricks and tips to help you achieve just that – to help you develop your skills, to sharpen your competitive edge, to help you to drive like a pro.

Go Kart Racing Strategy

Before the race starts, you may want to consider a racing strategy.

This is something that fans of Formula 1 will be familiar with, but for those that aren’t in the know: a racing strategy is a carefully detailed plan used to achieve a specific goal. In most cases, this ‘specific goal’ is winning a race (unless you’re Racing Point, in which case your ‘specific goal’ might be finishing a race). 😉

Go Karting Tactics

  1. The trick is to think long term. Don’t just focus on the next lap, but the next ten.
  2. If you’re planning to overtake, monitor the driver in front for any weaknesses you could take advantage of.
  3. Consider your engine and tire temperature too. It makes more sense to allow your kart to build up to full power during the first few laps as opposed to going full-throttle right from the off.
  4. Lastly, keep an eye out for the kart behind you. If the driver is catching up around certain corners or straights, adjust your strategy to focus on those areas.

Beat the lights

While it’s important to improve your cornering and overtakingtechnique, nailing the perfect start is a great way to get ahead of your nearest rivals.

The key to racing away from the line is a combination of composure and concentration.

Start by trying to shut out any engine noise, taking a deep breath and focussing on the lights. Place your foot over the accelerator, relax your muscles and control your breathing. Once you see the green lights, press the accelerator to the floor and move your kart towards the racing line.

By mastering the points listed above, you’ll soon be able to charge away from the line, putting yourself and your kart in a winning position from the very first lap.

Eyes on the prize

Our last tip is by far the simplest. All you need is a decent set of eye balls.

Rather than focus all your attention on the bumper of the kart in front, fix your eyes on the direction you want the kart to travel instead.

If you’re trying to navigate the apex, look at the apex. If you’re powering away from a bend but want to stay on the racing line, look at the racing line. It’s that simple.

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