GoKart.Academy is dedicated to solving the biggest problem in enthusiasts go karting today: lowering the barrier to entry from the up-front costs and the hidden costs of karting for enthusiasts who want more than just a rental experience. 

Our motto is we want to bring the world of karting to you!

While rental karts are a great way to begin, there just isn’t a middle ground between rental karts (with low-tier engines, heavy bumper guards, and variable performance) and open-wheel-racing-level go karts.

Enthusiasts Costs are Too High

For any individual who is entering into the karting world for either themselves or their children, the total costs can not only be shocking but prohibiting! The average cost of your first 12 months of karting can easily touch $10,000+ depending on:

Lowest cost point for 12 months of enthusiast karting: ~$6000

Highest cost point for 12 months of enthusiast karting: ~$14,000

For those looking for the next level but don’t want to commit to ownership, we have created the perfect solution for enthusiasts exploring the most fun you can have in motorsport at a price point you can afford.

We here at GKA are dedicated to lowering the barrier to entry for adults and children who want to get into the world of karting.

Please check out our newest offering of our GoKart Academy Preferred Lease Program. Our clients are loving it!

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