All the Types of Go Kart Tires – What tire is the best for what you are doing with your kart?

When you have a go-kart there are things you will need to buy for it time to time. One of the main components you need to have are tires. The tires for your go kart are just as important as the ones for your daily vehicle. You must make sure that you have the right ones for your go kart. You can’t just throw any go kart tires on your go kart. Having the right ones will not only help your go kart perform faster, but they will also help keep you safe.

So, we are going to give you an idea on things you need to look for when getting tires. Hopefully making your tire choice easier for you to make. We want you to enjoy the sport of go karting and help you keep it a safe solo or family affair.

Choosing the Right Go Kart
Tires – Not The Wrong One

So, you may be sitting there looking at tires teetering on the thought of are these the tires for me or not. Well, the best way to answer that is what are you planning for your kart? Are you planning on experiencing the great outdoor world of off-roading or are you planning on staying on asphalt?

If you are going off-roading, then you will be looking for knobby styled tires. You need those to prevent sliding when cornering or going across rough terrain. The rule of thumb is more knobs more grip, especially on moveable or wet terrain.

If you are looking at asphalt tires, there are many different kinds. There are some that are grooved for water but go karts can be difficult to deal with in wet road conditions. Fine if you don’t mind getting wet or dirty. Then you also have flats, which are exactly what they say they are. They are referred to as slicks, because they are completely without knobs or grooves. So, they have complete contact with the pavement for best control.


There are different style sidewalls and they are very important in the aspect of a tire. There are typically two choices a stiff sidewall and a soft sidewall. If off-roading you may want a softer sidewall, it acts as additional suspension. It also helps cushion when dealing with bumps and rough terrain.

If you are planning to run on a track though. You will probably want a stiff sidewall on your tires. Since when you corner your tires tend to bole over or bend. So, you want to avoid that, because it does not make for a good situation.

Size for The Front

The standard was typically smaller tires up front in the older go-karts. Since it made it easier to handle and steer. Less in kick back into the steering system, less rotation inertia and overall, more manageable. Larger tires are usually installed in the back for the obvious traction in power and cornering. The front tires have less weight, but the diameter is usually the same. However, the widths are different.

Speed Rating Importance

Speed rating is something that can be done on tires. It is an important factor if higher speeds are going to be being used. So, if you are planning on go-karting something over 30 it is recommended that the tires are speed rated and balanced. If you don’t you will have some bad vibration issues. If you are not planning on high speeds, it is still recommended that you have the tires balanced.

Which Tires Wear Out Faster?

All tires will eventually wear out it is just how it is. However, in the go-karting world the front tires will wear out quicker than the rear tires. This is where making sure your alignment is done also. To help save wear and tear on your tires. Your wear pattern on your tires will usually tell you if your alignment is off or not. Also not having your steering set up properly can also cause issues with the tires as well.

Tire Ply, Tubes or Tubeless?

There are different types of tire plies, you can get steel or nylon cord ply. You can also get tires that have tubes or that are tubeless. Racers typically are the ones who run tubeless because it reduces the amount of rotation inertia. For the typical go kart tubes are recommended. To help reduce the possibility of the tire going flat all the time.

Always make sure the filler nipple is not being pinched. Also be careful when putting the nipple through the hole that you don’t tear the rubber. One trick for that is to protect the nipple with some electrical tape. Also make sure there aren’t any sharp edges on the hole for the filler nipple. If there are file them down until smooth.

Final Insights

We can’t pick your tires for you, but hopefully the information provided will help you choose the right. Just remember that once you have the tires you need that, you always perform the necessary tire maintenance needed. Such as proper tire inflation, proper tire inflation will keep you safe as well as help you get the most out of your tires. Tire inflation is important to stability and stability is important to keeping your kart on the trail. Also follow any recommendation of your go carts manufacturer for recommended rims. So that way you know you have the proper tires for the rims you have or need.

Finally, always check for any damage to your tires. Such as punctures, cuts, impaled items, cracks etc. Some things may be able to be repaired, but others you are better off replacing the tires. Make sure to replace with the same type of tire also. If you want it to be able to keep performing to its top performance. It is always a great idea to have spare tires available in case they are needed.

That’s all for today, I would love to hear any comments or questions that you have about Go Kart Tires?

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